What is 5kmdeal.my?   

      5KM Global Advertising Sdn Bhd is tech-savvy advertising company that brings its clientele the best deals and Services with 5 Km radius of their current location to help their client save money buying their favourite items and visiting their favourites places in their cities. Our clients enjoy instant savings of varying percentages on groceries, fashion, hairstyling, gyms, holidays & travel, local services and lots more

      What is Business/Free listing?     

      A Business listing is a public profile that carries a business' vital information such as name, number, address, website, hours of work, and more. It’s free to register your business with us for maximum exposure in 5km reach 

     With your own dedicated free listing on 5KMDEAL.MY, present your business in a trusted context and allow potential clients to find you more easily. Include links to your website, social websites, and contact information so the users can connect with your brand across all channels
     What is deal listing?

 Deal listing is the Special Promotion or free gift deal that can promote on our website for to bring more sales leads to your deal listing. It could be a holiday package or any business/service promotion that can last to 30 days to One year

How do I know my deal is successful submitted/Payment is successful?

 Once you've successfully submitted your deal

 you'll normally get an order confirmation message on the screen and/or by email  registered  at DEAL LISTING FORM

Can I get a refund if my deal gets rejected?

If you do not fulfil the terms and conditions, your deal will be rejected and there shall be no refund. However, you can edit your deal to fulfil the terms and conditions and re-submit for approval. 

For more details, you can contact us at  cs support@5kmdeal.my

Payment options

        We Currently accept payments from Paypal and manual bank wire

      you will receive an email notification of bank transfer instructions for manual 

     How to submit a Deal?

        First, you need to Click on Deal listing header   Now, fill out the deal listing form with specifics as per the requirement, and we’ll get back to you quickly to discuss all the details.

        The process of submitting a deal: 

         Submit a deal

         Choose relevant plan

          Make payment

      How long it takes to get approval Upon submitting a deal or free listing? 

        After filling the deal listing form properly with relevant details. Your deal will get approval probably within one or two working days

        Why my deal or free listing is rejected?

        In case your deal or free listing get rejected, you may seek help from cs@5kmdeal.com  or by Contact us Form

     What types of deals can I provide in 5km?

        All types of deals are accepted!Unless Not met the Below Conditions

           Make Sure to read the terms and conditions of submitting a deal correctly to avoid deal rejection. 

                5KM- the golden rules

                    You must be the Registers Company/Business Owner or behalf working

                  You must have the RIGHT to use the Deal

                   Must not contain illegal /Adult content

                   Must comply with copyright and trademark law

                   Overall, it must be legal and not breaking any criminal laws!        

      We have a zero-tolerance policy for any of the above infractions and breaking these can have serious implications for both your listing and your user account. Listings breaching any rules may be corrected, suspended or removed. Listing fees will not be refunded as beyond that at 5KM discretion.

       What are payment plans how it works?

      Have payment plans for:

        30 days

        90 days 

        180 days

        360 days 

 How to do the renewal of expired deals?

        In case if your deal expired, you need to follow the similar procedure that you have followed while registering

         Go back to the deal listing header

          Click on the Deal Listing header

          You can see your deal expired

          Click on the deal expired

          Choose your payment plan

           Your deal will get renewed     

      Note that Any Changes in Existing Live Deal Seeks Admin Approval, For Faster Approval Contact us directly support@5kmdeal.my  

      How to contact us if any other questions? 

          Contact us directly cs@5kmdeal.com 

       How to Disable/Cancel my Deal Listing?

           No Guarantee of Refund, Kindly contact directly at support@5kmdeal.my

       How to update your account details?      

        As of now, simply navigate to your Profile and click on the Edit make the appropriate changes you want and click on the submit button.Your details will get updated 

        What if my question is not listed above. What should I do? 

       We’ll try to answer every question you have. Please go to the contact  us page to email us or to call us 

                     CUSTOMER CARE